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Solo Care Aqua

Manufacturer: Menicon


Are you ever tempted to just give your contact lenses a rinse with tap water. Can’t do any harm, can it? Well, yes. It can. So make sure you’re fully equipped with a contact lens case and a bottle of multi-purpose contact lens solution such as SOLO CARE AQUA.

SOLO CARE AQUA is the only contact lens solution you need. To keep your lenses clean and your eyes healthy, all it takes with SOLO CARE AQUA is a ten-second rub and a five-minute soak. Alternatively you can just leave your lenses to soak for four hours or more.

SOLO CARE AQUA contact lens solution is ideal if you find yourself spending long periods in front of a computer or in an air-conditioned atmosphere. You’ll notice that your eyes are more comfortable from the moment you put your lenses in to when you take them out. That’s thanks to the exceptional HydroLock™ moisturising technology that improves wettability. HydroLock also features Pro-Vitamin B5, a special moisturising ingredient that locks in moisture and prevents lens dehydration.

What’s more, SOLO CARE AQUA comes with it’s own special contact lens case. And this isn’t any old case, this is a contact lens case with MicroBlock™ technology. It’s an anti-bacterial lens case infused with antimicrobial silver ions all over the lens case and the secure screw-down caps.

So here’s a lens cleaning solution that offers the five minute rub-and-soak option, simple soak for four hours or overnight – and its own specially developed case. It all adds up to more comfortable lenses and healthier eyes.

Capacity: 90 ml, 360 ml, dupack 2x360ml