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Renu Multiplus

Manufacturer: Bausch&Lomb

The two biggest causes for complaint are discomfort and dryness during contact lens wear. ReNu MultiPlus Multipupose solution manufactured by Bausch & Lomb aims to overcome both of these complaints. In-fact Bausch & Lomb want you to feel as if you’re wearing a fresh pair of lenses every day. 

Designed for use with soft lenses ReNu Multiplus uses a gentle yet effective formula to create a cushion of comfort around your contact lens. It can be used to clean, rinse and disinfect lenses before storing them. With daily use it removes any protein, debris and dirt – so that your eyes stay healthy and white. With cleaner lenses from ReNu Multiplus Multi-Purpose Solution you’ll also notice that your vision will stay clear. 

Capacity: 120 ml, 360 ml