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Manufacturer: Bausch&Lomb

Biotrue is a truly innovative soft contact lens solution, inspired by the biology of your eyes and manufactured by respected healthcare company Bausch & Lomb. 

The secret behind Biotrue’s unique formula is that it goes back to basics and focuses on what Bausch & Lomb know best – the eye. Bausch & Lomb studied the eye to understand, how it cleans, hydrates and stays healthy, designing Biotrue to mimic and maintain the eyes natural functions. The result: an exceptionally comfortable contact lens solution. 

How does it work? Biotrue maintains your eyes natural white condition by matching the pH of its healthy tears. It keeps beneficial tear proteins active, like our eyes do. And finally it uses the eyes’ natural lubricant to keep lenses feeling moist and comfy all day long – as if you’re not even wearing lenses at all. 84% of Biotrue customers have reported that it provides continuous comfort. 

Biotrue does not falter on disinfection – offering a dual system to ensure that it cleans as effectively as a peroxide system but with the ease of a multi-purpose solution. For best results Bausch & Lomb recommend that you rub lenses with a few drops of Biotrue solution before leaving them to soak overnight. 

Biotrue is packaged in a clear bottle, so it’s easy to see when you’re running low. 1 Pack of Biotrue should last about 3 months and comes with two contact lens containers.

Capacity: 120 ml, 300 ml