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Soflens Toric

Manufacturer: Bausch&Lomb

Approximate delivery time: 4 weeks + delivery time to your country

Type: toric monthly
Power: from -9.00 D to +6.00 D
Base curve: 8.5
Diameter: 14.5
Material: Alphafilcon A
Water: 66%
Packaging: 6 pcs

SofLens Toric for Astigmatism provides crisp, stable vision and comfortable wear throughout the day for those with astigmatism, all at a great value. It combines clear vision and exceptional comfort with the ease and eye health benefits of a lens.

SofLens Toric for Astigmatism is the first daily disposable for astigmatism designed with High Definition optics to help provide exceptional visual quality, especially in low light conditions.  In addition, the lens design leverages added features to help keep the lens exceptionally stable during wear.