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Proclear Toric XR

Manufacturer: Cooper Vision

Approximate delivery time: 1 month + delivery time to your country

Type: monthly toric
Power: from -10.00 D to +10.00 D
Base curve: 8.8
Diameter: 14.4
Material: Omafilcon A
Water: 59%
Packaging: 3 pcs

If you have a high-level of astigmatism, Proclear Toric XR soft contact lenses offer you made-to-order cylinder powers up to -5.75, with unmatched all day comfort and outstanding vision quality. They’re especially beneficial if you’re one of the majority of contact lens wearers who experience discomfort or dryness, or if you spend a lot of time working with a computer screen.

They work using special biocompatible materials, so the contact lens fits naturally with your eye, providing outstanding vision and all day comfort. Your eyes will stay fresher for longer with Proclear Toric XR.

Proclear Toric XR soft monthly contact lenses also contain a chemical called phosphorylcholine, a ‘PC Technology’ that mimics the eye’s natural cells, whilst generating and retaining moisture levels throughout the day.