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Freshlook One Day

Manufacturer: Ciba Vision/Alcon

Approximate delivery time: 7 working days + delivery time to your country

Type: one-day color lenses
Power: from -6.00 D to 0.00 D
Base curve: 8.6
Diameter: 13.8
Material: Nelfilcon A
Water: 69 %
Packaging: 10 pcs

FreshLook One Day coloured contact lenses from worldwide contact lens manufacturer Ciba Vision are the only daily disposable coloured contact lenses on the market. That means you can have all the benefits of a daily disposable lens with the added advantage of being able to subtly change the colour of your eyes.

Use coloured contact lenses to suit your style and mood

Maybe you'd prefer your natural eye colour during the day and then make a difference in the evenings. So in that sense, FreshLook One Day could become FreshLook One Night… However you want to wear them, FreshLook One Day coloured contact lenses are supremely comfortable because they are true daily lenses, they're brilliantly convenient because you don't need to be stressing about solutions, cleaning and cases – you just throw them away when you've finished with them.

Designed for lighter coloured eyes

FreshLook One Day coloured contact lenses work best by far with lighter coloured eyes. But even if you do have hazel eyes, for example, and you put hazel coloured contact lenses in, the effect is a deeper, richer eye colour. It's certainly enough to make a difference and your friends and colleagues will notice. Same goes for blue eyes and blue lenses – you get a greater depth and intensity. So with FreshLook One Day, your eyes can be one colour one day and another the next.

Available colors:

A - blue

B - grey

C - green

D - pure hazel