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Freshlook Colors

Manufacturer: Ciba Vision/Alcon

Approximate delivery time: 7 working days + delivery time to your country

Type: color lenses monthly
Power: from -8.00 D to +6.00 D
Base curve: 8.6
Diameter: 14.5
Material: Phemfilcon A
Water: 55 %
Packaging: 2 pcs

FreshLook Colors coloured contact lenses from respected contact lens manufacturer Alcon (previously Ciba Vision) give you a great range of fantastic colours that will totally alter your eye colour. These lenses are opaque, completely obscuring your own natural iris so they can give you an intense – if not shocking – change to your eye colour. These are coloured contact lenses to make your friends, colleagues and family really say WOW – subtle, they are not.


Available colors:
A - Blue
B - Green
C - Hazel
D - Misty Gray
E - Saphire Blue
F - Violet